Tips for Safe Wildlife Interaction in the Canadian Rockies This Summer

One of the unique appeals of golf in the Canadian Rockies is the prevalence of indigenous wildlife around the courses. Southwest Alberta is home not only to some of the world’s finest golf but also deer, elk, moose, mountain goats and even bears. The delicate balance between the grounds of our courses and their surrounding habitats is something our staff is proud to have maintained for many years. Few places on earth can offer championship golf and luxury accommodations in such an inspiring and untamed setting.

During the peak of summer golf season, many animals are emerging from hibernation and raising their young, so it’s important to remember safe practices for dealing with any rare occasions in which animals make contact with golfers. Below are some responsible tactics for avoiding dangerous situations that may spoil your Canadian Rockies golfing experience.

A gang of elk graze the greens at Banff Springs

A gang of elk graze the greens at Banff Springs

  • Always travel in groups
  • Do not leave trash or food on the course, it could attract nearby animals
  • Do not approach or feed any wildlife you find on or near the course
  • Watch for signs of larger wildlife, including paw prints, tracks, overturned rocks and logs, or dead animals
  • If you do see a large or threatening animal nearby, notify the pro shop immediately, maintain your distance (at least 30 meters) and back away slowly

Safety and enjoyment are the top priorities at Canadian Rockies Golf destinations. Each course has dedicated on-site staff who are trained to anticipate negative interactions between animals and guests before they occur. Although uncommon, the best way to avoid hazardous situations is to adhere to the tips above and respect the habitats that surround the greens.

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