We spoke with Chris Schatzmann, Head Golf Professional at Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club for our Canadian Rockies Golf Know the Pro segment about tips and advice to play a round.

1) When teeing off, how can I get more from my driver?

Canadian Rockies Golf: Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club

Canadian Rockies Golf: Stewart Creek Golf & Country Club

People are always looking for distance in their driver.  The technology of the club is important, so make sure you have the specs (loft, face angle and shaft) set up to be customized for your swing.   To get more from your driver, create extension  in your back swing.  Taking the  club back low to the ground for the first foot of the back swing while maintaining  centeredness will create a wide efficient swing arc, which is key in creating club head speed. The faster the club head is moving the further the golf ball will go (if you hit it in the center).

2) Describe the best round you have ever played at Stewart Creek
I have had two 18-hole rounds at Stewart Creek where I shot 65.

Best nine hole score is 29, seven birdies, no bogeys.

3) What challenges does the front nine of Stewart Creek pose?  What about the back nine?
The front nine is more on the mountainside and features sloping fairways and undulating lies which are difficult for a normal swing.  The first three holes have prevailing head winds and holes 7, 8 and 9 are the hardest stretch of three holes at Stewart Creek.  From the back tee there are a few blind tee shots so placement of  tee shots is very important.  For the front nine, you need to stay aggressive on the birdie holes.

Unlike the front nine, where you battle nature’s elements, the back nine offers a more strategic challenge.  Course strategy is based on risk/reward analysis on several holes. The best example is on hole 14, a drive-able par four, if you go for it and clear the ravine it’s a potential birdie, but a wayward tee shot brings a big number into play.

4) What makes Stewart Creek unique?
The setting is unparalleled.  We are directly below the Three Sisters Mountains.  It truly is a mountain golf experience.  The course is very isolated with tree-lined holes and very little interaction (visually or acoustically) between groups.  We are in the wildlife corridor so there is little to no encroaching development and the area has moose, elk, deer, both black and grizzly bears, coyotes an occasional cougar a wide variety of birds.  We are also certified as part of the Audubon Society.

At our course, our service is all about golf.  Many places have focuses on a number of other activities but you will get a true golf experience at Stewart Creek.

5) How did you get started in golf?  How old were you when you started playing and who introduced you to the sport?
At age 15, I realized I did not want to work on my dad’s farm so I got a job at a local golf course.  I have been in golf ever since.  My dad has taken up the sport after I introduced it to him.

Current green fees at Stewart Creek (includes cart and driving range access):

Monday & Tuesday (Prime Time): $175

Wednesday- Sunday (Prime Time): $195

To book tee times, call 1.877.993.GOLF

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