We have your golf tips for spring, as we open the Canadian Rockies Golf season!

It is difficult to stay golf ready during the off-season, but now is the best times to work on your game. Assistant Golf Professionals Greg Giblin and Steve Downs of Kananaskis Country Golf Course provide some Golf Tips:

1) How can golfers continue to practice for the spring golf season in the Canadian Rockies

Kananaskis Mt Kidd Golf Course

Kananaskis Country Golf Course Mt. Kidd Hole 4

• Make adjustments to your swing. You have more time to become comfortable with it
• Practice and prepare by working on static fundamentals in your house (things like stance, grip, posture, alignment and ball position). Be sure to practice swing fundamentals
• Use golf simulators or visit indoor/heated driving ranges to keep you swinging the club
• Keep your mind on golf with literature, TV programs, visiting local golf shows and stores and checking out demo days

2) What are some ways golfers can prepare for the spring golf season?

• Practice at least twice before playing the first round of the season
• Start putting on your carpet at home. Vary the distances and focus on good technique
• Chip in your backyard or field nearby once the snow starts melting
• Stretch before your first round so you aren’t sore

3) How can golfers stay in shape during the off-season?

• Keep muscles loose by stretching daily
• Play other sports like hockey or indoor soccer to stay healthy and active
• Select exercises to boost your performance, focus on core and lower body strength as well as stability, cardio and flexibility
• Try these great exercises: lunges, squats, planks, jumping jacks and torso rotation

4) Any other tips you have for golfers during the off-season?

• Make sure your equipment is in good shape and well cleaned
To clean:
o Use a scrub brush or old toothbrush, hot water and soap to clean your set
o Make sure all your grooves are free of any dirt/debris
o Scrub your grips and rinse with water
• Take extra care while playing your first few rounds as courses need some time to get back to peak condition: keep carts on the path whenever possible, fill in divots and fix ball marks on the green
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Tell us, how do you stay golf ready?

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