All Canadian Rockies Golf courses are officially open for the 2013 season!

Canadian Rockies Golf course Silvertip

Canadian Rockies Golf: Silvertip Resort

Silvertip Resort opens its 2013 season today, the last of our bunch to open for the 2013 season.

A few quick thoughts as Alberta golfers pull out their clubs for the first time:

  • Buy a new golf glove:  we love the feel of one that’s broken in, like an old baseball cap.  But you can’t grip it and rip it nearly as well.
  • Regrip your clubs:  any golf pro shop can do this for you easily.  It’s worth the very small investment to start the year off right.
  • Make a goal to walk more, from tee to green: you’ll appreciate the nuances of the design, understand the lay of the land and appreciate the mental break.  Your golf partner can take care of the cart.
  • Practice your short game:  You know it to be true: you lose more strokes in this critical place between 20 and 100 yards. Regain the feel and the touch of a well-struck flop shot, and learn to love your 9-iron.
  • Take your kid to the driving range, or play 9 holes:  the best way to take away the guilt of playing golf and being away from your family, is to invite them to join you.  We all fell in love with the game, because someone dared to play with us.

What else do you do to get your game in shape for the start of the season? We’d love to hear from you.

Happy Golfing!