The start of the Canadian Rockies Golf season is an often inspirational time for players.  We asked some of our  friends what Canadian Rockies Golf opening day means to them. The following is from Gord Schultz of Calgary, a member of Canmore Golf & Curling Club, and owner of Golf Canada’s West, a golf packager.

Golf's Opening Day for Canadian Rockies Golf Courses and Canmore Golf & Curling Club in the Canadian Rockies

Canmore Golf & Curling Club

“Surprisingly, golf opening day is really not about the golf itself in the Canadian Rockies.  Sure, I’m excited to pull my clubs out of that back corner in the garage, find my golf shoes wherever I managed to stash them back in November, and head to the driving range for the first time; but I am really more excited to just get back into the atmosphere of a golf season.

“You know what I am talking about – the sounds coming from the driving range, both good and bad.  The friendly “Hey, haven’t seen you all winter” greetings that seem to go on for weeks after the club first opens; the crackling, static-laced announcement coming from the starter that  ‘The Schultz foursome is now on the tee.’

“Hanging around the club is unlike any other place I frequent – without stress or concerns.  No deadlines other than getting to the first tee on time; being in the presence of both friends and acquaintances that are relaxed and, for the most part, just happy to be at the golf course.

“It is cathartic, in that it helps purge the winter blues, helps us look forward to a spring with fresh air and optimism. I can hardly wait.”

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